Could this Pocket-Sized Printer Be the Answer to Your Techie Dreams?


Genovieve Vega, Staff Writer

Portable printing is the newest gadget in the business. This new portable printer is called the ZUtA. The ZUtA is an upcoming phenomenon that was introduced last year in the International CES, a global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This new gadget is about four inches and fits in the palm of your hand. It is connected via Wi-Fi that connects to any computer, tablet, or smart-phone. This tiny printer has a different type of ink cartridge made by the company. The ink cartridge is able to print out 100+ pages with the ink that’s already in the ZUtA. Since this is super portable it’s easy to print pretty much anywhere. The printer comes with an android charging port but once it’s fully charged it can stay alive and working for up to one hour. The drawbacks that may be with the ZUtA is that it can only print with black ink, and is low quality.

Currently the price is $199 for pre-ordering but once released it will be up to $250 to $299.