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Dad Hats Get Street Cred

Charles Dean, Staff Writer

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“Dad Hats” have been around since the start of baseball. Baseball hats have the curved shape brim and unstructured crown so it can be comfortable for the player and easily cover the sun from the wearer. Dads all around decided to start wearing their favorite Baseball Teams’ hat and ever since then many other brands and companies have decided to copy the style and created a new trend for the “Dad”.

The Dad-Hat trend has exploded in street fashion and has been seen all over the rap scene. It has also made a comeback in the popular clothing stores such as Zumiez Borders, Pacsun, and Tillys. The price to make a Dad Hat could range to about $1-$10 depending on the material, stitching, and the brand endorsed with the hat.

“Dad-Hats have always been an upcoming trend and will continue to be,” said David Rojas (11). Rojas supports the Dad-Hat trend with a passion. Due to his high taste in the street fashion industry he has a strong opinion on what looks good on who, and if something is worth the buy, but there are those who’d say otherwise.

Charlie Montiel (11) states, “Dad-Hats are really dumb, they also look ridiculous and ugly as hell.” Montiel doesn’t wear hats at all but does appreciate the style of them; depending on the person. Dad-Hats disgust Montiel due to its poorly constructive crown and the curved shaped brim. If he had to wear either a Dad-Hat or a Snap-Back for the rest of his life, he said “I’d rather chose the snapbacks because that style of hat makes more sense to me.”

The Dad-Hat trend has started to become popular within the past year especially in our own school. A lot of the “Hype-Beasts” in our school seem to favor the Dad-Hat over any other conventional hat. The slick and basic design of the Dad-Hat goes really well with any clothing, whether it’s the trucker look, or the hype-beast look, the Dad-Hat just compliments the wearer, the only thing you have to worry about is the color of the hat and the size of your head. The Dad-Hat trend is here to stay for quite a while unless some other mystical headwear takes the scene by storm.

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Dad Hats Get Street Cred