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Exploring the Haunted History of Turnbull

Miguel Rojas, Staff Writer

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When we think of La Puente we usually think of our diverse cultures and people, but what we don’t know is that our town has its fair share of dark spots too. La Puente is an old town whose history dates back as early as 1800s, so there is no surprise that this historic town has a few haunted places in its community some even closer than one might think.

One of the most popular haunted destinations is hidden in the mountains of Turnbull Canyon. What makes this spot so popular is the so called Hell’s Gate and all the superstition tied in with it, this has been a sight of satanic rituals, witch ceremonies and Ku Klux Klan meetings.

The story goes, that deep in the Hell’s gates lies a community of Satanists, although there is no real evidence that support these claims. So on behalf of Bassett’s journalism team, I decided to investigate myself.

When on Google maps you can definitely see three buildings what seem to be uninhabited. To dig deeper, I decided to go in deeper and check out the place for myself, in person and in the dark the gates seem much more menacing with the quiet sounds of the dark and the gust of wind and the fact that I am about to venture into unknown territory.

Once inside the gates I climbed upwards at first finding trash, and pieces of wreckage, the most interesting find was ruins of an old house that according to my recent findings was part of the community until it burned down, and now all that remains are heaps of bricks.

My excitement was diminished when I reached the top of the hill with no signs of Satanist activity so I decided to call it a night, although I have discovered that there is a pathway which is hidden especially in the cover of darkness which leads directly to the community.

Other interesting haunted places around our city include gravity hill in Rose Hills Cemetery. Located in the departed baby section this hill is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of the children who pull objects from the bottom of the ill to the top of the hill without the help of any external force.

Galster Park is also very popular for its dark back-story. Legend has it that this park sheltered a serial rapist killer who took little children and rape and killed them. It is said when you visit these places late at night that you can hear their little footsteps running around the park. These are the haunted places around you that you can visit whenever you wish but always remember to stay within legal boundaries.

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Exploring the Haunted History of Turnbull