Faulkner Surprises with Live Alternative Rock


Natalie Romo, Opinion Editor

Just this past Tuesday, December 6th, Bassett was visited by an indie/alternative rock band called Faulkner. Faulkner’s members come from both the east and west. New York City, New York and Venice, California, to be exact.

The band set up their equipment before performing during lunch in the amphitheater. Faulkner offered students their upcoming songs, “Revolutionary” and a couple of others.

Karla Felix Soto (11) said, “ They were okay. The drummer and bass player were pretty good. Some of their songs were cool. Overall, good.” Some Olys, like Paul Garcia (11), however, weren’t so impressed. Garcia said “ I disliked them, because it didn’t seem like there was any meaning in their lyrics. It could have been better.

Personally, I didn’t enjoy it.” Manuel Gutierrez, music teacher and also a member of his own band said “I go to a lot of shows in Los Angeles and they sounded like most of them. When I heard them start playing, I got an indie, hipster vibe. It seemed outside of what most kids are interested in nowadays.” As most Olympians know, tastes in music at Bassett High School are diverse. Taking on Faulkner was the beginning of many game changers.