Feet First Towards Third Win


Photo by Paul Garcia

Juanita Bermudez, Staff Writer

Both the girls’ and boys’ varsity cross country team started the season off great by being undefeated as they both have the record of 5-0. At Rosemead High School the boys’ cross country made history by beating the schools all time record.

Runners this year leading the team for the boys are Dino Ramirez (11), Joshua Hernandez (10), Jose Avila, Christopher de la Pone (11), Ricardo Lira Martinez (11), and the top runners leading the girls are Jennifer Berrios (11), Leslie Hernandez (12), Desire Alvarado (10), Tillie Cortez (11), Sandra Vida (12), Ana Tecanhuehue (9), Jazlyn Vasquez (11).

The cross country team have made CIF two years. The runners are dedicated to cross country since practices are consistently every Monday through Friday from 3 to 5.

Jennifer Berrios (11) speaks for the team when she says, “The long term goals that our team has is moving on to their third league championship and going on to state.”

Coach Armas says, “I enjoy working with the athletes that want to improve themselves and want to learn more about the game.”

The more the runners practice and have insight of the team’s goals the more they will progress to achieve their destinations. .