Find the Best Burgers Here

Kay Miramontes, Staff Writer

To no one’s surprise, Chris’s Burgers still reigns supreme when it comes to the local family owned burger joints in the La Puente area. Simply put, Chris’s is cheaper ($1.69 for a junior burger), gives a good amount of food for the price you pay, and it’s just overall delicious. The hamburger meat tasted fresh and well-seasoned, just as it should be. There was a good amount of lettuce and the tomatoes were cut to just the right size. All in all, Chris’s has bomb burgers that are hard to beat.

In second place for burgers was Victor’s Villa which was very appealing in looks (better looking than Chris’s) and tasted great but to be honest it was just a little too oniony for me. The hamburger meat was just as good as Chris’s to be fair and they used purple onions which contributed to the burger’s pretty looks but it just wasn’t as wowing as Chris’s. It also cost slightly more than Chris’s, $2.45 for a junior cheeseburger to be exact. However, it’s still a worthy competitor to Chris’s.

Last but not least in third place is G&D Burgers. It was the most expensive out of the three burger places with $3.75 for a cheeseburger and it was basically the same size as a Chris’s junior burger. It wasn’t very appealing in appearance as it just had a giant piece of lettuce and like one pickle inside the burger. The meat itself wasn’t all that special and to be honest there really wasn’t anything that stood out or was amazing about it.

Two other people tried the burgers with me and both agreed Chris’s was still the best. Maybe it’s just strong love for the restaurant that influenced this decision but overall there is yet to be a restaurant that can beat Chris’s Burgers.

The wait time for each place also varied somewhat. AtG&D I waited close to 15 minutes for the burger which was a bit lengthy considering the place was empty. At Victor’s Villa I waited less than 10 minutes which was great since they did have some customers at the time. Last but not least, I waited a little more than 20 minutes for my order at Chris’s but to be fair it was fairly but.

All of these burgers were rated by appearance, taste, and portion for price Chris’s conquered all three categories and will possibly remain unfazed as other burger joints and fast food restaurants enter the La Puente area. With that being said, LONG LIVE CHRIS’S!!!!!