Get Dirty With These Food Fantasies

Frida Estrada, Staff Writer

Food porn hit social media hard and the cravings haven’t stopped. Whether slightly seedy or a cure for anorexia, viewers are eating this stuff up.

A South Korean fad having to do with watching someone eat has risen in popularity. This fad known as “muk-bang” has slowly started appearing here in America. The enjoyment of this is called gastronomic voyeurism, which is the act of finding pleasure in good food or eating.

Most of the popularity of this comes from people who live alone, also going as far as watching these videos in order to keep a diet or fast going. Which sounds a bit absurd, getting full from watching others eat seems impossible.

After watching a few videos and looking through pages of photographed food, I can say it’s not as strange as it sounds at first. Yes, watching a stranger eat a large amount of food isn’t necessarily normal, but it’s the internet normal doesn’t really apply there. While watching these videos I didn’t get the feeling of satisfaction I read so much about, but I did find them entertaining to watch.

Muk-bangs reminded me of food review shows, they just had more eating involved and were more personal.

I don’t see why posting pictures of food has become such a big hype that people hate on. The reason to do this comes across pretty straight forward.

The presentation of food looks appealing and people like that. Culinary is a type of art and people are just taking it a step further in appreciating it. Either of these didn’t come across as an extreme to me, and I saw no reason to think people need to stop.

I say let people enjoy food in whichever ‘healthy’ way they want.