Girls Basketball Rebuilds

Braulio Medina, Staff Writer

Sadly, this year there are only about 15 people on the basketball team. They only have enough members for a full varsity team which leads to there being no JV and freshmen team for now. With the short team members, some of the girls don’t feel as optimistic as they felt prior to the season.

More speculations as to which why they have been losing lately is because they don’t communicate with each other, they blame each other and they turn over the ball in result, according to players.

The lady Olympians are facing a crisis winning games this season. Out of the six games that they have played so far, they have only managed to win one game. Senior Allyssa Rios said “We have been losing because they let the losses get to them, when in reality they should just go with the flow.”

The girls’ basketball team used to practice every day after school, but lately the practices have been canceled because Coach Bruce states, “Practicing would just be a waste of time since we still keep losing.”

But despite the fact that they haven’t been practicing, they came out victorious in their game against Jordan High School. Hopefully practice can start up again so that the team can get better and start to work together more.

Since many seniors left last year, the girls were left with only five returners. They have to get used to each other and the different strengths and weaknesses that each player has so that they know what to work on and eventually get better.