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Haunted Sleepover Inspires Ghost Hunt

Natalie Romo, Opinion Editor

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“Curiosity killed the cat” is what my friends tell me when I want to try something that is just outright dumb. For starters, I feared experiencing something paranormal because I feared enjoying the adrenaline of it.

I knew if I liked the adrenaline, I would want to experience the paranormal even more. I swear I’m so close to creating the next generation of GhostBusters Millennials or starting my own ghost hunting show, I might just need my own camera crew. So I chose to overcome my curiosity and give my friend Kay Miramontes (12) a call.

Kay’s house has been haunted since she can remember. At first I thought it was a bit sketchy, but her mother and family members confirmed these happenings.

She explained every regular occurrence in her house that seem to heighten midst October and beginning of November. Perfect Timing. The occurrences varied from hearing a little girl laugh to things moving in the kitchen.

She even told me that one Halloween their television would randomly turn on, but it would turn on to a static channel. Another Halloween the little girl, who haunts the home, knocked at the front door and said “ Trick or Treat!”, but when they opened the door they found no one. To get to Kay’s door you would have to open her gate which is really noisy, however, no gate was heard.

All spooked up, I went ahead and asked Kay if I could sleep a night in her living room where I would be able to hear and see the occurrences that usually happened in her kitchen.

Friday, October 7th came. Kay, our friend Elizabeth, and I arrived at her house after a football game. Her mother had nicely set up the couch beds and laid out warm blankets and pillows.

I chose the bed farthest away from the kitchen but I had a full view of the living room, entrance to the kitchen and hallway. We decided to watch a scary movie just to set the mood, meanwhile, we binged-eat quesadillas, Taki’s, and popcorn. I was the first to fall asleep. I lasted 15 minutes into the movie.

It was 2:51am when I woke up from my sleep with a headache. I tried to sleep it off, but I couldn’t so I woke Kay up for Ibuprofen.

After that, I woke up again around four in the morning. I was feeling uncomfortable so I groggily turned over and tried to go back to sleep. Just as I did I heard BAM!

After that I heard something scurry in the kitchen and following that I heard CREAKKKKKK.

For a fact I knew, that a drawer opened. I also knew this because after it opened I heard the scraping of metal utensils. I was frightened, I no longer wanted to hear it so I covered my ears.

I decided to open my eyes and see if the kitchen light was on. I thought to myself “If the kitchen light is on then maybe it’s just Kay’s mom”.

Kay’s kitchen has no other light source other than a light bulb on the ceiling, turning the light on was completely necessary.

So hesitantly, I opened my eyes. When I opened them, the lights were off. At that point, I had two options. Option #1, jump on Kay and wake her up. Option #2, pull the covers over my head and suck it up. I chose option number two because I was too scared to get up or possibly see something.

I have no idea how I fell back asleep but it wasn’t for long, I woke up again at 6am and watched Sarah Baska on YouTube until Elizabeth and Kay woke up later on that morning.

Right now, I’m a changed woman. I faced my fears and just to let you all know, Bassett High School will be having its first ever professional ghost hunter alumni. I say to my fellow friends, “Sure! curiosity killed the cat…. but satisfaction brought it back”. 😉

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Haunted Sleepover Inspires Ghost Hunt