Horror Nights Offer a Horrific Legacy of Nightmares

Tony Alvarado, Staff Writer

The panic is real. Halloween Horror Nights consists of new mazes such as Krampus, Michael Myers, and the American Horror Story maze.

Not only are they focusing on their mazes, Universal also delivers extra effects by adding various fog machines throughout the park. They exceed expectation by adding panic-inducing lights. The entire park feels like it’s one humongous maze with park-goers constantly looking over their shoulders. This is what Universal Studios thrives for, the full horror film effect. Universal is also devoting its top lot to previous years’ highly praised, spine-tingling scare zone: Purge Election Year

Loanna Owens, junior, said “I would go with my friends because it’s just more fun with my friends,” however the older teenage boys prefer to go on a date with their girlfriends, or someone they’re interested in.”

Randy Vargas, junior, explains I go with girls because, “When you get really close to them, they can fall into your arms because they’re scared”.

I had my very own experience with horror nights. Here are some helpful tips: 1. Start off by making sure you have your own pair of underwear. 2. Try to limit screaming out loud or else the “creatures” will take that into consideration the you’re frightened easily and then they’ll start chasing you until you practically start crying

Stephanie Meza, senior, who has been to horror nights in the previous years suggest not to go in a huge group. “The mazes are spine tingling, but there are some flaws in the process. The line waits are way too long, but then again some of them are worth the wait.”

Meza adds, “Horror Nights’ tickets are way too expensive. The price is way too high. They need to cut it. If you go, bring your own water because the water over there is like $5.”

This year you may not be able to go to horror nights because of the fact that it is over/nearly over. Next year it’ll be as good as it was this year since Universal has a history of handling Halloween.

Tara Chea, a sophomore, explains her thought about on the Walking Dead Maze “It was good the first year, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the best maze they had either, but year after year it just isn’t as good”. Unless you aren’t a Walking Dead fan you won’t be disappointed by Halloween Horror Nights.