Nintendo goes Retro with Nes Classic


Sebastian Koutsky, Staff Writer

This Nintendo Entertainment System is can load up to 30 different classic NES games. It was released on Nov. 11 2016 and cost $59.99. This console works with Wii and Wii U when plugged into a Wii remote. It comes with one controller and $9.99 for each separate controller. There are 4 save slots for each game and this allows you to play on four different profiles.

Games Included: Donkey Kong

• Kirby’s Adventure

• Super Mario Bros.

• The Legend of Zelda + more.

Scalpers are buying this console in large quantities and are going to have the console sold out fast, so you better get one quickly. Scalpers are people who buy multiple of the same popular system and sell them for more when they are out of stock.

You can get the NES at: GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon.