Pin and Win: Every Move Matters

Tony Alvarado, Staff Writer

The Bassett’s wrestling team is starting off the season prepared. The team started their first practices in September, one of the first teams to start practice in the SGV.

The head wrestling coach, Matthew Garcia, is planning on ending the wrestling season as a league champion. The upset of the season is knowing that they are having their last year with their head coach.

Coach Matt expresses his love for the sport and promising that he’ll only coach for this school, but that he also does not want to make this season any worse his ultimate goal as a team is to bring Bassett High School another league title.

One of the captains of the team, Moises Aguilera expresses, “The season is going to be dope. Our returners are getting better and we are getting more wrestlers added to the team. They are working hard and we are planning on bringing home a new league title at the end of this year.”

The wrestlers have been working hard in their pre-season, their work shows in their performance during the Thanksgiving break.

During Thanksgiving break the wrestlers had their first home match against Mountain view.

“Even if we won there were some losses in the process, our lower weights did good, but we should focus on our heavy weights,” says Coach Matt to his team.

The team believes that there is always room for improvement, with this win they still held their heads low and focused on their wrestling. Levi Quiroz claimed “I need to focus on watching my weight and not letting a wrestler get me in a headlock”

The wrestlers then had another match against Eisenhower on the football field. They were reeling in wins left and right as they fought with everything they had, under the lights. They won this match against Eisenhower with a lead of more than 20 points as a team.

On Friday of December 2nd the team had a tournament at Sierra Vista high school many of the wrestlers fought with all their heart. “After this tournament you all have something to focus on while you’re practicing back in the wrestling room,” Coach Matt expresses to his team.

Bassett did not place at the Sierra Vista 10-way dual meet but, 2 of their wrestlers placed at the tournament, Ricardo Albavera; 4th place and Moises Aguilera; 3rd place.

Our wrestling team is determined for the league title, they have been practicing for a while now and so far they are doing as expected. They will have lots of room to improve before their actual season starts.