Steven Universe Shoutout


Sebastian Koutsky, Staff Writer

What makes Steven Universe’s season three and four cool? The show portrays progression of Steven’s powers. He goes from someone who wanted to be a Gem warrior to becoming a responsible one. However, Steven’s companions change for the worse.

Pearl gets less jealous of things, Amethyst slowly gets more mature, and Garnet loses her Stress after a jailbreak escape.

Steven Universe has just finished Season 3 and the final episode was called Bubbled. People have already reviewed this season and have said, “This season was wonderful because the show has uncovered a new threat to Earth and everything is building up for Season 4.” The latest new episode of season 4 To be Announced is the episode called Gem Harvest. This show is on hiatus at the moment and is still taking time to announce when the show will return.

“I am a fan of Steven Universe who is psyched about the new season, but I am a little down that the show will be going on a Hiatus.”

This show usually has Steven solve problems that he gets himself into and it shows the change in character of everyone during time and the adventures the Gems have.

The Gems is a group who protect Earth and Steven’s mom was the leader of these Gems. She gave birth to Steven, but lost her life just to do so. The gems originally were a rebel group against the Gems’ home planet who were trying to destroy Earth.

There was a war that resulted in many comrades’ death and the four were the only ones to survive the war and gain a successful victory over their home planet.