Time To Melt Some Snowflakes

Uriel Avila, Staff Writer

From harassing people on youtube comment sections, to getting mad at friendly neighbors, people nowadays get offended by everything. Whether it’s gender, race, sexual orientation, people’s appearances, or eating habits, you can’t say anything without accidentally offending someone.

Who knew people who were so easily offended could make it to Ivy league schools. At Yale University, Nicholas Christakis, a then professor at the university was forced to step down because of an email he and his wife sent regarding Halloween costumes. The email stated that they would not be punishing people if they wore offensive costumes because students should be mature enough to simply ignore the costumes and move on with their studies. Expecting that this generation would be mature he sent the email. However he was wrong and the Yale students then proceeded to act like whiny wussies. “It’s ridiculous that people get mad over stupid things,” said Mike Mares.

Somehow the student body was in an outrage over this. They then went on to ruthlessly harass the professor until he had no choice but to try and calm them. One student then had meltdown and talked about how the school was no longer safe; she was offended by a hypothetical costume that might potentially offend her in the future.

These students broke down over a costume that didn’t even exist yet it’s ridiculous. This story got a lot of public attention and even appeared on CNN, because it was so absurd. One radio host even made the analogy that these students were like sensitive special snowflakes who needed to grow up. Two professors had to step down because the students were acting like sensitive little children.

Another outrageous incident occurred this year at the 9/ll memorial at Eagle Rock College. Thousands of American flags were set up in order to remember the people who died. However, a group of students went around breaking the flags that were set up around the campus. This happened twice and when asked, the students said they broke the flags because it was a symbol of oppression. They claimed many races had been oppressed by the flag and it offended them. However these flags weren’t being used to oppress people in this situation and the students were only being disrespectful.

What they fail to realize was in this situation the flag wasn’t being used to oppress people, it was being used to commemorate the people who died because of a terrorist incident. They were destroying a 9/11 memorial because they were so sensitive that a flag offended them. The school promised to punish the students.

Everyone is too easily offended nowadays. It’s time to tone it down and accept that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Things will happen that you don’t like and you’ll have to deal with them, not break down like the sensitive Yale students did. People will offend you, annoy you, and anger you; but that just means you have to deal with it and move on. Stop being so sensitive and grow up.