Trump Triggers Minority Meltdown


Hector Rios, Staff Writer

The battle of the worst has finally ended with Donald Trump winning the electoral college, but the pain and suffering (emotionally and physically) has only just begun. This year’s election dropped many jaws in astonishment in not only the polls and what people truly believe in but the harsh reality awaiting in their future (I myself included).

Most reactions to the election were filled with awe and utter disbelief. Others aren’t bothered by any of this, to say the least (their common ideological state of mind is “I still have to wake up early tomorrow either way”). Either way it goes, our meme of a country is in for a huge transgression.

The overall aftermath is both relieving yet ridiculous. The national outcry for a better president or having the popular vote matter more (as seen by the trending #notmypresident) shows how aware and active our society is with such a terrible deliberation. It’s like white blood cells attacking a virus; but what happens when we overproduce white blood cells? That’s where we are at. This overproduction of white cells is giving the U.S. it’s own kind of leukemia with all of these riots and continuous hate-crimes to Trump supporters.

Although I personally don’t agree with Trump holding office, constant rioting and harassing those who do support him is just something that shouldn’t be condoned. The first week of the riots was predictable knowing the capability of the backlash, but it became redundant and just annoying. Going on to the harassment and fighting on Trump supporters was even worse (it showed how childish everyone truly was and it was just something to be ashamed of). Experiencing this activity first hand in the school was even worse, seeing that even my own peers were too immature to handle controversy with calling out people who said nothing about their political views and just degrading them.

This election has not only torn apart the media and our nation but it has also demolished families in general. These strong feelings for each candidate and against each candidate has sparked fights to break out between family members creating a Montague v. Capulet -esque situation.

The whole situation has developed into a benign tumor that just keeps growing into malignancy. The sad part of it all isn’t that Trump is President (although it is quite devastating), it’s the fact that we as a community are creating a greater issue than needed. Let’s use a simple analogy. Say our school decides to give terrible class shirts which students have already pre-ordered. Constant nagging and blaming won’t make the situation less destructive, in fact it’ll be even more destructive. It’s better to endure the current standpoint of the terrible shirt than to riot over something that won’t have a detrimental effect on the students.

It’s better to be a bigger person and turn away from this dramatic aftermath than stoop down a level and be part of the problem. Although the public outcry for a different president is too large to turn down, let’s all just calm it down a notch and realize that Donald Trump isn’t liked by anyone, not even most of the Republican who are in control of Congress.

So let’s all join hands and grab some popcorn as we watch Donald Trump’s failure unwind. Remember, Stay cool little dudes.