Vote for Pot, Schools, and ELD

Hector Rios, Staff Writer

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With all of the ruckus with the upcoming presidential election, everyone already has one of the hardest decisions to make. This is all fine and dandy if there weren’t other decisions that were being made in that same month. California has various propositions set for November to be approved which have all been blinded by the ongoing presidential controversies. These are just a few updates on what to expect to either make or break our beautiful golden state.

The primary focus by the youth in the propositions is Proposition 64, legalizing marijuana. This is superb news to the fellow “potheads” who have been awaiting this decision for decades now. Now the wait is over (at least until they turn 21) if and only if it’s accepted (which it should be since it seems quite reasonable). The only setbacks are the increase in both cultivation for flowers ($9.25 per ounce) and leaves ($2.75 per ounce) and retail price tax (15%). Tax might sound a bit frightening, but so does Trump and fear isn’t stopping people from their main goal now is it?

Another pretty impactful proposition is Proposition 51, the $9 billion dollars going towards education. This year, California has decided to use this money to renovate schools and make them aesthetically pleasing. As nice as this sounds, it a bit of a money waster, especially when the primary focus in a school isn’t how nice it looks, rather how intellectually inclined the school’s students are. This money should’ve been used to raise salaries or provide schools with more educational materials rather than mere refurbishing.

These upcoming propositions have a lot to offer, and by a lot I mean they’re baby steps towards a higher goal. The primary focus is, again, the legalization for marijuana and for obvious reasons, it’s the pinnacle of drugs used by the majority of people today (better than a hookah pen). Free the nipple? More like free the weed. As always, for those who are voting, vote responsibly and not like a social loon who swoons over the trigger happy objectives of today’s society. Vote for your society as a whole, not just a stereotyped group of Tumblrettes.

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