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A Chill Pill You Don’t Want to Take

Hector Rios, Staff Writer

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Drugs have gone rampant on our youthful society for many years. Most drugs were used to bring pleasure with some setbacks or to forget problems in a current state of mind, but the light switch has turned off as a more destructive than friendly pill has touched the mouths of many kids, Xanax. Xanax is a drug that alleviates anxiety and panic disorder. Although it sounds helpful, the side effects aren’t as pleasant. Depression, paranoia, and impaired memory are some of the dangers of the pill.

Just the sound of all of those disorders together can make ones stomach turn, but it has somehow gained popularity, specifically in our school.

That being said, the Xanax craze is a bit troubling to understand for most people. Destroying one’s body for no means of pleasure other than swallowing a pill, for example, just baffles the masses. As Ms. Topjan puts it “Don’t be an idiot and take a drug when you don’t know what it’s going to do.”

Of course, some people do have to take the pill for the means of taming anxiety troubles with plenty of warnings. Like any other pill, it’s beneficial only to those who have been prescribed with the medication, not the general public. Stray from the pill as it will cause depression and probably skin irritation as well as difficulty doing daily functions (breathing, urinating, concentrating, etc.).

Overdose with the drug can result in vision loss, speech impediments, weakness and a coma all of which can become life-threatening. If you don’t need the drug, professionals all advise not to take it.

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A Chill Pill You Don’t Want to Take