Boys Work to Get Their Heads in the Game


Tony Alvarado, Staff Writer

“We started our season open-minded because of our new coach, he is making sure that we were trained to our full potential not only physically but also mentally,” said Jason Pico.

The boys’ basketball team has a new coach, however that isn’t setting them back at all. The boy’s varsity team started their record with 4-0 lead and won a tournament to start off their season.

“Our new coach is good because he sets us up for games against a bunch of good schools and it teaches us to not be afraid of our competition in league” says captain Salvador Santos (12) however the boys are 2-3 in the Miramonte league at the moment. Pico states “right now we might be 3-4, but by the end of the season we’ll be 6-4”

The basketball team is striving for greatness no matter what the odds are against them.

Their captain says “never give up on you dreams, always strive for greatness and you can achieve anything”

This is Santos’ last year as a basketball player at Bassett high school, and he claims that “I will not remember me playing my senior year as a terrible team, but a team that carried themselves very high”

Overall the basketball team is on the look for the best ending to their season the team is going to strive for only the best.

Their coach is only going to make sure they get to the best potential they can be, he has only brought them up as better basketball players and believes that they can only improve.