Chargers Say GoodBye to San Diego

Charlie Montiel, Staff Writer

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Dean Spanos, Chairman of the Chargers, announced that the team will be relocating and will begin the 2017 NFL season as the Los Angeles Chargers.

San Diego had attempted to keep the Chargers, but after the residents voted not to increase taxes for hotel charges the Chargers decided to join the Rams in Los Angeles.

Aldo Salcedo (10) a frequent watcher of the NFL stated, “There’s not enough space in Los Angeles. They should stay in San Diego because they only have a couple major sports there.”

Victoria Pico (10) said, “It’s pretty cool, the Rams are worse than the Chargers so we’ll see some wins from LA.”

Saleen Suarez (9) said, “I don’t want them to come in Los Angeles. It’s messed up that they’re copying the Dodgers logo. They should just stay in San Diego.”

The year of 2017 not only promises tough competition during the season, but they assure that tenures with the team will be retained at the StubHub Center.

Purchasing tickets would grant the consumer priority to buy Chargers season tickets for the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park.

Fans can reserve spots to buy tickets with a refundable $100 deposit to remain close to the action and follow up as the Chargers play in the StubHub Center in nearby Carson for the next two seasons before moving to Inglewood with the Los Angeles Rams.

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