Don’t Wait for the New Year, To Be a New You

Tony Alvarado, Staff Writer

This year I’m going to change by losing weight, start working out, getting higher grades, listening to my teachers more, and becoming a super hero. Sound unlikely? Yeah, listening to teachers is tough.

No, really. Most people’s laundry list of bad habits is about as likely to magically disappear after making as New Year’s Resolution as prince charming appearing after wishing on a star. And yet ever year there are those who set goals that they can’t accomplish.

“I’m going to go to the gym and be fit by the end of the year” then you go all of January and suddenly start going less in February then by the end of March you suddenly hear “gym” then disappear.

“If you commit to something at least go frequently, you don’t have to go everyday but go”-Elizabeth Galvez-9. The fact is that for you to start making your resolution a routine you have commit to it every day for 30 days in a row so it can them be a routine and it will come to nature that that’s what you’re going to be doing every day you wake up.

Whether you’re trying to go on morning runs or trying to be stylish. You have to do it every day so it can then become normal

Making a New Year’s resolution is like any other goal you set throughout the year. You don’t have to feel obligated to make a new year’s resolution, “if you aren’t committed in anything it won’t work for you if you decided to have a resolution”-Sean Vega a new year’s resolution is the exact same thing as setting a goal, the only difference is the name.

As a matter of fact, you should be setting goals all year long. Also if there are those goals that you don’t believe you’re going to achieve, make them your goal then try hard to achieve them that is the whole point why they’re a goal.

Setting a goal for yourself also means that you have to try your absolute hardest to achieve that goal. When you set something that you would like to achieve is considered a dream. There is no point in setting of setting a new year’s resolution if you’re not capable of keeping your mind set on it.