Enter the Year of the Rooster

Alessandro Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Ring in the Year of the Rooster with the upcoming Chinese New Year. With it there are amazing festivities being celebrated and new fortune for everyone in the upcoming new year.

Festivities span about fifteen days with a different activity to do in each day, ending with the Lantern Festival on the last day. People usually dress in brand new clothes to symbolize the new year, and engage in gift exchanges, watch fireworks, and eat all types of food.

Based on the Chinese Zodiac, 2017 is known as the Year of the Rooster. This year is going to bring many new challenges that will require people to think practically about.

People should be clear about what they want in life and how to achieve it, and not hesitate on achieving them. Other aspects of life people should think about is health; people should pay attention to the health of their oldest and youngest members.

To make sure that the best year comes, people should look out for these lucky symbols.

Some of them are:

· Lucky Colors: gold, brown, yellow

· Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, and 8

· Lucky Flowers: gladiola, cockscomb