How Not to Break that Senior Piggy Bank

Maria Gonzales, Staff Writer

Senior year is without a doubt the most expensive year in high school. include prom, grad night, and graduation.

Ask your parents for small amounts of money at least every week and start to save. By doing this you would have your own money and be able to plan what you want to invest it in such as prom, grad night or other activities.

Avoid making any unnecessary purchases. The extra bag of hot cheetos and trips to McDonalds and Starbucks add up quickly.

If necessary, try getting a part time job. A part time job can really come in handy when paying off items on your senior checklist. Remember, car payments or tuition may just be around the corner in your future.

Limit how much money you plan to spend for prom. Although prom is one of the most important event for seniors, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s only going to be a one night event. Since its a one night thing, it’s more than likely that what you’ll wear to prom will also be once, and it’s not worth spending so much money on something you’re only going to wear once.

The best thing we can do in this case is try not to spend an exaggerated amount of money on things you know you’re only going to wear once. There are many places where girls can get something that looks good but won’t make you go over budget,like the fashion district in downtown LA, Love Notes in Puente Hills Mall, or Windsor.

Think about what’s worth spending on. Class rings are offered to seniors as some sort of souvenir that represents who they are, but end up being a little too expensive for many to purchase. Think about investments that will last in memories like grad nite.

Grad tassels are the perfect example of the upsell. Even though it would be nice to have the bling, it’s better to pass on that offer especially if you know it’s out of your budget. Even though the tassel looks nice, it’s not really necessary since your cap and gown already comes with one.