It’s Time for Hot Glue Gun Cheese


Kay Miramontes and Sebastian Koutsky

The fondoodler is basically a hot glue gun but for cheese. It has a tube where you can insert any kind of cheese you want whether it’s shredded, grated, or sliced.

This cheese gun can be used to make fun little designs to decorate or to just simply use as a glue to hold food together (or you can just simply eat it but that isn’t recommended). Every piece of the Fondoodler can be washed in a dishwasher to keep clean. The push rod pushes the cheese out so you can Fondoodler. The cleaner that is a bristled brush to keep things clean. The body is used to support the structure, power supply and trigger the Fondoodler.

Finally, the canister is used to hold the cheese to turn it into melty deliciousness. This cheese gun sells for $25 and can be purchased on the fondoodler website. Currently they are unavailable until February.