New Tips to Keep All Those New Year’s Resolutions

Charles Dean, Staff Writer

Did your twelve days of Christmas sound more like the menu at Denny’s? One roasted turkey, three cheesecake slices, and five extra thick tamales? The Christmas rolls can only be hidden under ugly sweaters for so long.

Put down the leftovers and start working on your beach body now or you might be a little more like that extra thick tamale shoved into your formally known skinny pants. One effective fat burning exercise that will also get your abs screaming, is called “Mountain Climbers”. Mountain Climbers are a full body work-out that really gets your heartrate going. All you have to do is get in to a push-up position, bring your knee up to your chest and alternate legs rapidly for about one minute and you will really feel the burn. Do about four sets a day and you will lose fat easily in no time.

Fat-loss cannot be targeted for certain areas; it burns evenly throughout your whole body and is converted to energy for the body use to continue doing your exercise.

One exercise that mainly focuses on the muscle growth of the abs but burns fat evenly throughout the body is called, “Planking.” To execute a plank, you have to get in to a push up position, balance your body by placing your forearms on the ground in a straight line, keep your lower body low and straight and hold your position for 30-60 seconds and your abs will have more strength and more definition than ever before.

People like to skip leg day, but it’s an important part of a good physique and legs also carry a high percentage of your fat. This exercise is very simple and a majority of people know about it, and it is called the “BodyWeight Squat.” To execute a BodyWeight Squat, you have to spread your legs shoulder width apart, arch your back, pop your chest out and keep your head straight then you bend your knees about 20 degrees. Do about 20 squats for 4-7 sets 2 times a week then you are sure to get stronger and toned legs, and also decrees the buildup of fat in your legs.

Holiday Fat isn’t that hard to burn, all it takes is some minor work and effort to burn it off. Just do these three given exercises weekly for at least 3 times a week and you’ll surely get results in no time.

If you want to increase your fat loss, you can just eat spinach and kale. These two vegetables influence high testosterone in the body which makes you gain muscle and burn fat easily. So remember a healthy mind equals a healthy body.