No Spend Weekend: No Problem

Amber Chacon, Staff Writer

When the weekend comes along, everyone wants to rest, relax, and have fun. Although, it can definitely get expensive at times when nearly every event or activity requires an admission price, or some sort of dollar amount attached to it. Here are some activities that are all fun, without the pricetag.

Go to a local museum: There are some museums that allow free general admission. This is a great opportunity to appreciate beautiful and inspiring art, especially if you usually do not frequent museums, and in that case, it is awesome to get out of your comfort zone and go new places. LACMA, the biggest art museum in the West Coast, gives free admission to students under 17 years of age.

Get active: If you don’t have a gym pass, don’t fret. There are many fun ways to exercise without one. You could go outside and enjoy nature by either biking or hiking at a local hiking trail, such as Hacienda Hills or Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park. Just grab a water bottle, a backpack, and bring your friends or family along.

Host a clothing swap: Having old clothes can get super boring. There is no need to keep wearing the same outfits, when you can partake in a clothing swap. Ask some of your friends who may wear the same size as you if they would be willing to swap clothes with you, then enjoy your new outfits!

Make a craft: Arts and crafts can help truly express creativity. There’s no need to go buy home decorations, jewelry, crochet items, etc., if you can teach yourself how to make them by looking up videos or websites that give you a step-by-step guide. You can most likely find many of the materials you need to make your craft in your very own home, which will not cost you much money out of your pocket at all. You can make birthday gifts for friends, such as candy boxes with puns, creative collages, or jewelry using Pinterest or Youtube as your main resource.

Volunteer: Volunteer work is not only free and fun, but it also makes a huge impact! Beach cleanups at nearby beaches like Huntington or Newport Beach, restoring parks and gardens with Amigos De Los Rio, a local landscaping and restoration group, and participating in canned food drives, held by Interact and National Honor Society, are all various ways to make a difference that will surely make you feel proud of the work you achieved, as well as improve your community.