Sex Ed Gets a Modern Revision

Braulio Medina, Staff Writer

Back when I was a freshman taking biology, the only thing we learned about sexual education was from a very disgusting video about pregnancies. Apparently many other students around campus have a similar tale to tell, but that should all be changing going into the second semester for the students taking biology.

Last year it became mandatory for sexual health education to be taught in public schools under a bill signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. So anyone taking biology should start getting prepared to learn very awkward things in the second semester.

Instead of teaching the bare minimum, Bassett science classes now have to teach about many different aspects of sex ed. A few of the topics that must be included into the curriculum are HIV and how to prevent STDs. Instructors must specifically state that some people have different sexual orientations.

Teachers also have to cover sexual harassment that can occur in a relationship in any way, shape, or form and how to handle the situation if they find themselves in it. This new law also makes teachers teach students about gender identity and sex trafficking.

The bill enhanced previous requirements and also added more such as: “Be age appropriate and medically accurate, and may not promote religious doctrine. Recognize different sexual orientations and include same-sex relationships when providing examples of couples.”

Include information about all FDA-approved methods of contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Address gender identity, sexual assault, relationship abuse and sex trafficking. Describe abstinence as the only certain way to prevent pregnancy, HIV and other STIs. However, abstinence-only instruction is not permitted.”

“Students are learning what is mandatory by the state in regards to sexual education.”-Mr. Tviet