Snapchat Shades May Become a Huge Spectacle

Tony Alvarado, Staff Writer

Snapchat has made their first product. Introducing the Snapchat spectacles made to record hands free. This product is made for Snapchat only. However, you can save your items from Snapchat onto your photo gallery, or add images and videos to your story.

The glasses were announced in September of 2016. They were introduced by the company producing mysterious billboard posters and posting the Snapchat ghost with eyes.

They also set out teases with the Snapchat spectacles machine popping up in random places in balloons. They officially went on sale November 10, 2016 for 129.99$ and the only way to purchase then is by using their Snapbot that’ll appear in various locations. (Los Angeles the Grand Canyon, New York, Florida University etc.)

The new product “Spectacles” are as portable as any other pair of glasses. These spectacles are easily chargeable in their own case. It just takes a press of a button to start almost anything. To record, you just need to press the button on the side.

To stop recording, press the button again few seconds after unless you decide to let the glasses record on its own. It can record up to 30 seconds which would provide a few skips in between. However, it’s only used for recording so that means no pictures. The spectacles record in a circular fashion, no matter what way you turn your phone the angle will never change.

The spectacles are easily paired to your Snapchat account. Just simply look at your account bar-code through the spectacles and turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and they should be paired by then. They are only compatible with Snapchat only, however you can save the memory from your account.

The main reason why Snapchat decided to make the spectacles is because Instagram practically copied Snapchat with their “stories” so Snapchat can tick a nerve from Instagram they started this production, spectacles. The main reason why they decided to pick this nerve is mainly because the Instagram producers gave no credit to Snapchat and simply replied with, our idea is different and way better.