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Trump Administration Doesn’t Add Up

February 14, 2017

Donald Trump is now officially the 45th president of the United States of America. Now, instead of looking towards a grief-stricken future by many minorities, let’s take a step back and review the controversial inauguration and it’s evident faults.

The primary concern for the inauguration (at least to the younger demographic) is about the weed; was there actually weed given out? The answer to that is an astounding yes. 4,200 joints were given out just a couple miles away from Trump’s inauguration which is one way to celebrate someone’s victory.

These joints were given out at exactly four minutes and twenty seconds into the ceremony (how fitting). The best part about the giveaway was the cannabis mascot which is just art at its finest.

Of course the inauguration was more than just pot and word play (or number play), it was filled with so much immaturity than can ever be imagined.

Not only were there Democratic boycotts during the inauguration which led to more than 60 House Democrats not attending the inauguration, but there were also Democrats rioting the event.

These acts involved not only people standing outside of the ceremony holding signs saying “not my president”, but also caused disruption across the streets of Washington. This involved burning trash cans and putting Donald Trump caps inside the flames, violent chaos across the streets (resulting in injuries), and shouting brawls. This activity in the streets cause 28,000 policeman to secure the inauguration from more entropy than needed.

The Republican party also had their fair share of immaturity. When Hillary Clinton arrived to the inauguration to congratulate Trump, many Republicans shouted “Lock her up!” and booing at her endlessly. This just proves how terrible this election is, each party is as childish as the other.

Another heavy detail many seem to daunt is the size of the attendance at this years inauguration. There was a crowd of roughly 900,000 spectators at this year’s inauguration, which is far less than Barack Obama’s who had 1.8 million people attend in 2009.

That should already be enough to visualize how catastrophic this presidency might be given notorious factors.

Now looking at the content of the inauguration, Donald Trump promised quite a bit to all of the people living in the United States. Not only did he promise more jobs in order to remove welfare, but also putting the people first, wealth, and naturally borders. He also promised in one of his closing lines that he “will never, ever let you down.” Let’s just hope he keeps his word, or else we are stuck in a civil cold-war (unless we impeach the leech but Mike Pence, the Vice President, is just as bad).

Much controversy is not only within Trump himself but his cabinet members whom are now in the White House and planning changes in our lives (hopefully for the better).

From jumping conclusions to speaking without thinking (which is a heavy load for the country to ingest), this Republican team sure packs a punch, and not a good one. But, the most notorious of them all is Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education (which makes that much more frightening). Her ignorance is nowhere near bliss and her biggest weapon is money.

She has donated millions of dollars not only to harass public school unions but also to cause trauma to children (she has lied about always opposing conversion therapy and has yet to oppose gun use in school).

But in all actuality, positivity has to overflow these negative vibes. The chances of changes in the United States that will harm the nation are miniscule, especially with this much backlash running Trump and his cabinet over.

Fingers crossed and smiles all the way through this waiting game.

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