Uggs Become Controversial


Genovieve Vega, Staff Writer

With the current season warm fashion is in trend but we don’t seem to know what we really wear. The popular Ugg boot is one of those fashion trends, a controversial one at it. The Ugg company is known for having popular boots made from the softest fleece but is it really what they advertise it to be ?

Ugg boots are rumored to be not only the wool from sheep but is their skin as well. The Ugg company has not denied or confirmed this action but on their site yet they state, “UGG believes that no sheep should ever be raised for their sheepskin alone.”

The entire situation following the UGG company is whether the sheeps are harmed and what is their use after they are sheared. Many sources claim that the sheep are skinned without the use of anesthesia and is why the population seemed outraged at the treatment towards loveable sheep. It takes two sheep just for one pair of boots, is it really worth hurting animals for personal comfort ?

It seems almost wrong to wear boots made from sheep skin when they are hurt in the process, but in the end the sheep aren’t wasted. The ugg company lets no sheep be unused as once they are skinned they will be sold to the meat industry. Despite what ugg says there must be some secret and shame to their fleecing/ skinning process that has not been revealed to the public quite yet.