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Wrestling Ends the Season with a Slam

Alyah Lozano, Staff Writer

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“Wrestling is much more than simply pinning down your opponent. It’s an individual sport, which was a lot different from other sports it requires strength, knowledge, and speed. It’s up to the wrestlers to win or lose. It’s only you and your opponent on the mat,” said Captain Tony Alvarado.

The wrestling team has been trying to succeed their individual goals at practice and at the matches.

During practices the team runs around the school, runs bleachers, goes to the weight room, and practices new techniques on the mat.

At the matches, “the girls have been coming out strong win or lose they keep their heads up and continue fighting. As for the boys they’ve been doing good for being a young team,” said Clarissa Clark.

This preseason the girls have had more matches than the boys. The boys had their matches against Edgewood and Ganesha and they won both. As for the girls they have won their matches against El Monte, South El Monte, West Covina, and much more.

The girls haven’t had many matches since season had started so this season is starting to be more about the boys with all their tournaments and matches going on.

This season is already coming to an end. Wrestling senior night is on January 23rd, 2017 and within the following week is already CIF. CIF is what all the wrestler are trying to go far in. Valerie Clark said, “ I want all of us to keep working hard and all go to CIF together.”

Captain Arthur Alvarado said, “ My goal is to make 2nd round of CIF, master and state,” V. Clark said, “ my goals is to make it to state.”

Rosie Balanos wanted to leave this quote for her teammates, “ You gotta go out there and you gotta fight, fight, and keep on fighting that is how we’re going to win.”

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Wrestling Ends the Season with a Slam