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Enjoy Being Independent on Valentines Day

Arely Mireles

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Here it comes again, the month of love. February is around the corner and everyone is just thinking about Valentine’s day and what gift they will give to their loved ones. All these gentlemen, and gentlewoman, looking for the perfect gift to give to their significant other.

Don’t you love, love? Seeing how happy the couple across the bench from you is? But then you realize, you’re watching people enjoy each others company, and you look to your side, but you’re completely alone. I mean, yeah you have your squad, but they’re all in relationships. So you just sit there thinking, “ Man, I want that.”Then when you get home, the sinking feeling gets worse when you look at your social media, filled with posts of your friends with their loved one about how much they love each other and all of that cheesy stuff.

But here is the bottom line, you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy on Valentine’s day. There’s many benefits that come along with being single on this holiday , seize the day and TREAT YOURSELF .

Go shopping , have a spa day with and throw in a mani or pedi. If you’re a guy, play video games or call your boys over to watch the big game. Spoil yourself with sweets, stay in ,and watch How to be Single with your single girls.

This day of love is not just the day where people spend it with their potential soulmate. This day is about love for family, love for your friends, and ultimately, love for yourself. Life was still good when we were little kids in elementary , and all we had to do was go to Walmart or Target or even the Dollar Tree to get valentine cards , and everyone would give them out to their classmates with a piece and candy. We all felt loved and happy at the fact that it was a cute card or even because the candy was very good .

What I’m basically trying to say is that we’re too young to be stressing over relationships, presents, and having to write a whole page essay on saying sorry for something that really doesn’t even matter. Stay in school, focus on the important things, and focus on you. It’s one day, you’ll live :).

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Enjoy Being Independent on Valentines Day