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Two Perspectives on Breakups: A Girl’s Guide

March 7, 2017

Drawn by Alessandro Gonzalez

Drawn by Alessandro Gonzalez

Drawn by Alessandro Gonzalez

Admittedly, one of the most painful things in life is loss whether it is due to death or separation.

Essentially, most relationships end because they are not going the way people hoped or aren’t happy so wouldn’t separating from something that doesn’t bring you joy and positivity be considered a good thing?

Which makes me wonder, are people often saddened by the idea of the actual relationship ending or by the security the relationship used to provide?

You’ve got to ask yourself, “What’s keeping me in this relationship, am I actually happy?” If you don’t have an answer for that question, then that for sure is a sign you shouldn’t be with involved in the relationship. After interviewing multiple peers and even teachers, they all agreed that the most important aspect to having a good relationship of any kind is trust.

Without the trust in a relationship comes the constant anxiety of wondering whether they’re out with someone else or why they aren’t replying back in 0.2 seconds.

Communication is key when gaining someone’s trust. If you’re able to talk to your partner about anything, this shouldn’t be a problem. Is something or someone bothering you? Tell them; talk it out. Don’t be hesitant to say exactly what you’re feeling because remember unless you’re dating a mind reader, there’s a high probability your significant other will have no clue what you’re thinking about so might as well come clean.

Sometimes we all miss red flags when it comes to relationships, so here are some to consider.

If you find that your partner is holding you back, you should definitely reconsider. You want someone who inspires you to be your best, not someone who becomes a strict guardian, that’s what parents are for. Be the person who encourages your partner to go out with friends instead of the person who gets mad every time they do.

Once you’ve worked up the fortitude to break it off, you’ve got to just rip it off like Band-Aid. Don’t try to prolong with break up by sugarcoating it. Don’t be petty and try doing it over the phone, if you’re going to break up with someone at least have the nerve to do it face-to-face.

If you’re the one who got dumped, it going to be hard- not going to lie. The easiest way to get over someone is really to just focus on you and surround yourself with positivity.

Remember that you once lived without them and you could do it again. We’re all teenagers for crying out loud; we have so much life to live and so many experiences to experience. There’s a whole world out there waiting for us. You’ll find the right person when you find the right person.

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