AP Test Cost on the Rise for Students


Alicia Lieu, Staff Writer

Hey AP students, remember when AP tests were only $38 for each test and $15 for those who qualified for Free and Reduced lunch? Well prices have scored to higher heights as it is now $93 a pop.

The AP Exam administration will not be providing an affordable path for low-income students through the AP Test Fee Program anymore. School districts must act on their own to assist their students with AP test payments to make the total cost budget friendly as many students here at Bassett are enrolled in multiple AP classes.

Our administration has done just that. They have reached out to their resources and gathered all the AP teachers for a constructional meeting. With the help of the very much appreciated Bassett staff, they were able to pull a generous amount of funds from the Every Student Succeeds Act and Bassett Education Foundation.

AP students now have the better prices of $25 for students who receive Free and Reduced lunch and $45 for students who do not. Whether a student qualifies for Free and Reduced or not, our staff will provide assistance to those who are interested in raising money for their tests by planning out group fundraisers.