“Eloise”Hangs on Haunted-Hospital Cliches


Juanita Bermudez, Staff Writer

Eloise is your typical psychological thriller that has the usual cliché haunted-hospital storyline similar to the other movies that came beforehand, considering they are much better than this one. The film came out on February 3, 2017 directed by veteran visual effects supervisor and second-unit director, Robert Legato, and scripted by Christopher Borrelli.

The movie title “Eloise” came from a real mental institution that existed for 150 years in Michigan. The film spins off on the original story of what happened to the real Eloise. The storyline consists of Dr.H.H. Greiss (Robert Patrick), the evil scientist, who does “inhumane testing and treatment to all patients.” There was also a “devastating fire” that shuttered the facility in 1982. A few decades later, it caused Jacob (Chace Crawford) to go back to the fearful hospital to get his aunt’s records that once were committed in Eloise in the 1960s to access his dead father’s fortune.

Since her medical records would take time to arrive, Jacob’s childhood friend Deal (Brandon T. Jackson) suggested to break into Eloise. A man named Scott (P.J. Byrne), who is obsessed with Eloise, agrees to help them in their hunt. That causes his younger sister Kia (Eliza Dushku) to come along in their break as well to take care of her older brother. This group of four successfully break into Eloise to find out harmful secrets about the hospital that will cost them their lives and their childhood past.

This movie might not be an original idea or storyline but it was filmed at the real hospital in Michigan that pays tribute to the staff and patients that were once admitted before it closed down. Overall, the movie could have done better on the plot and be more clear on what is happening in the movie once everything goes on.