Keyboard Warriors Continue To Fight an Unjust Online Battle

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Keyboard Warriors Continue To Fight an Unjust Online Battle

Hector Rios, Staff Writers

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Cyberbullying has often been looked at as just a joke or easily maintained, but where does this social epidemic cross the line?

Most people tend to “cyber bully” on online games and do it by making fun of mothers or teasing each other relentlessly. Usually, they try to degrade people for terrible critical thinking or obvious audible features that the person may have. This is what people think about when asked what cyberbullying is, which then comes the same response of “Just turn off your computer or block them to end the bullying, it’s that simple”.

We tend to agree on that statement as a whole, but almost always forget about situations where virtual reality hits straight into reality. Cyberbullying can be tamed with blocking and just shutting off the internet, but once people who once bullied online start to bully the victim in the real world, the idea becomes less comedic and more troublesome to digest.

Sadly, most cases of cyberbullying that transcend into the real world and results into something as shocking as suicide is caused by both people in the line. Ignoring is a powerful tool when dealing with bullying, especially if both parties are young and sensitive. If the fire keeps being inflamed then only one side has to stop spitting fire and let the other side wait for the rain to extinguish it.

Cyberbullying isn’t set to degrade the person in front of their fave, it’s set to degrade them to everyone around them. What completely harms people in this area is that without a stable support base, a person can just stumble slightly and fall flat with irrational thoughts which might explain why people don’t calmly block users or wait for the foolish behavior on the internet subdue.

The best way to counter any of this horrible negativity, whether the person is the victim or just there witnessing, is having backup on any given situation. Bias is a huge positivity factor that will keep that stability and evade any conclusive behaviors (like succumbing to the mindless chats about dying for the better or straying from naivety of people’s words). This way the bullying will shorten and that ignited fire will turn into a burnt branch drifting through the ocean in complete placidity.

Other places where one can ease their way through such a troublesome experience are sites like #ICANHELP where they teach what a people should do in situations instead of what someone shouldn’t do in general.

Cyberbullying overall is just petty in the sense of trying so hard to get into someone’s senses knowing that whatever is on the internet can attract more than just the victim, but spectators as well who might even join in the action because there is little to no consequence in cyberspace (until someone passes away). Word of advice, don’t cyberbully unless both people know that it’s all a game or in good humor.

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