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Radical Feminists Need to CHILL

Kay Miramontes, Staff Writer

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The feminist movement has been evolving into this man hating cult that almost everyone loathes. Much of this misrepresentation is the result of several individuals who take the concept of feminism a little too far. These women are most memorable simply because their actions are so ridiculous and strange that it evokes criticism and satire from most of the general public.

It’s a shame that feminists are taken as a joke considering they’ve been trying for years to be taken seriously and get their voices heard. Unfortunately these efforts have been sullied by some very extreme individuals. These women are mostly intense and angry individuals that take offense to literally everything and contain the strong urge to commit a mass genocide of the male population.

One of these notable women is Zarna Joshi, who was offended by a harmless joke a man made to her. Joshi asked what the man’s name was after an interview he had participated in, to which he replied,“Hugh Mungus.” Of course any normal person would simply react with a small chuckle or just roll their eyes out of annoyance but this lady went on a full rant against the poor guy. She started yelling at him saying he sexually harassed her and abused her. The woman posted a video of what happened and instead of receiving pity, she instead received criticism and was mocked for her actions.

Another one of these notable women was a feminist who was offended by her lyft driver whom had a Hula girl bobble head on his dashboard. She claimed that the doll was “insulting to the continent of Hawaii” and repeatedly asked him to remove it. When the driver didn’t remove the doll the woman continued to berate and insult him. The woman was eventually kicked out of the car. She posted a video as well to show what had happened and of course ended up being made fun of instead of gaining sympathy.

Individual actions weren’t the only things that gave a negative image to the feminist movement. Feminists themselves have made statements about how some very mundane things are sexist. The list is very long and odd but some of these topics include science,compliments, words that contain the word man, and of course bras.

As odd as some of them are, not all feminists are terrible. Many actually know that gender equality is being on the same level and being no different than the opposite sex, instead of it being about killing off every single man in the world and treating them as slaves or subjecting them to some other form of Hitler-like torture.

Some of the feminists movements are actually important things to address, such as the issues with rape, sexual harassment, and slut shaming. These problems should be dealt with and fixed but of course the way it gets fixed shouldn’t be to blame all men and instantly deem anyone who disagrees with this as a woman-hater.

Overall, the concept of feminism isn’t to disgrace and shame the male population but to instead create an understanding that no one is above or below anyone because of their gender. This idea is what feminism is about and this image gets buried and hidden by all of the extreme and nazi-like women claiming they’re feminists. So try not to hate on feminists too much, they’re not all terrible.

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Radical Feminists Need to CHILL