Classic Snacks Ride The Funky Flavor Wave


Tillie Cortez

Over the course span of the years, Kellogg’s has developed new flavors to boost their income. Flavors like Pumpkin, Vanilla Latte, Orange Crush and even Jollyrancher flavors were added to the bunch. Not only Poptarts but other classic products like Oreos, Lays Chips, M&M’s, have been developing new flavors that are way out of the ordinary. It seems like the more outrageous the flavor, the greater marketing ability. I don’t like the idea of the new mixture of flavors and products, I prefer originals. However, after companies come up with different new tangs, the classics seem to wither out of style. For example, when the Nabisco Company first released the “Oreo biscuit,” people came running from here and there just to get a taste. Now it’s not like anything has changed except they’re running for a whole other reason, or in this case flavor. Lays has come up with way out of line flavors by reaching out to fans to come up with their own flavor requests producing new products like ketchup, cappuccino and mac & cheese. Whether or not the flavor should be seems to rarely factor into the merchandizing. Companies are counting on the novelty of I’ve never tried that before to get snackers to try the product once. Even if the snack is disgusting, the company’s got your money and can move on to the next idea. Concerning the new jollyrancher flavored poptarts, most firsthand thought they were gross and a terrible combination while others admitted to loving the sensation it gave their taste buds. Senior Cynthia Castro says, “It tastes like the candy which is scary, but it makes you remember it is a desert. It is gross.” I thought the poptarts tasted like doughy taffy which really was not delectable enough for me to ever want to try again.