Cross Country Races For Fourth Consecutive Title


Ricardo Lira, Staff Writer

Back to back to back champions. Those are only mere titles now as Bassett’s sensational boys and girls cross country team are aiming higher than ever this year. Boy’s varsity is focusing on making history for Bassett by winning league, advancing deep into CIF and to the State Championships as a team, which has never happened in Bassetts history. With returning boy’s Varsity runners: Dino Ramirez (12), Joshua Hernandez(12), Christopher de la Torre(12), Ricardo Lira Martinez(12), Jose Avilla(11), and Abraham Lopez (10) the team has a good chance to advance and leave a lasting legacy. However, rival high schools such as La Puente, Garey, and Ganesha have grown tired of Bassett’s success in league for both varsity teams, and will undoubtedly strive to break the title winning streak Bassett has. With La Puente High School finishing in close second last year, the race for this year’s league title will be fierce. S e n i o r , Christo – pher de la Torre says, “With the v a r s i t y teams running as a whole group together, I feel like the team can beat our rivals and win a fourth league title.” With Bassett’s boys team ranked 98th in the state, and 10th in CIF Division 4 rankings they are undoubtedly the team to watch this year. The girls varsity team composed of returning runners: Jennifer Berrios (12), Tillie Cortez (12), Carla Segura (12), Ariana Castellanos (12), Desiree Alv a r a d o ( 1 1 ) , Claudia Gonza – lez (10), A n a Tecuanh u e h u e (10), and K a y l a Cervantes (10) are amb i t i o u s to win league for the fourth year in a row and qualify for CIF Finals as a team. With the acquisition of new promising runner, Davina Torres (9), the varsity girls’ team goals seem to solidify into a reality. In a span of three years, winning one cross country title is considered successful for average teams. However, Bassett has won three titles consecutively for both girls and boys. They have repeatedly shown that this winning streak is not temporary, because the team has a family mentality both in the sport and outside it. Coach Armas says, “I think that the type of training we offer contributes to those titles being won. We have repeatedly promoted pack running.” Pack running is what Bassett’s specialty is, to continue to win league titles. Pack running is when runners run in a group, at a certain pace, whether that be two or twelve runners. With each runner, getting comfortable running at everyone else’s pace it is no surprise they finish races at around the same time. If this pack running training continues, Bassett will continue to have more league titles coming its way in the future with freshmen. It’s safe to say that Bassett’s cross country team has a bright future ahead of it filled with success.