Define Your Homework Style


Jasmine Cabrera

You know you’re a hardcore procrastinator, when it’s almost the end of the semester and you’re still missing a lot of assignments. It’s not like you don’t want to do your homework, you just have better things to do than write an essay, like binge-watching the new season of Game of Thrones. So you got to pull a Speedy-Gonzales and muster up something decent to at least pass with a C-. Because each time you decide you’re going to do your homework, you get sidetracked and just think “Nah, I’ll do it later, I still got time.” Why sleep at night when you can nap all-day? You probably realized you had homework or a project that was due the next day around midnight, so after a mental breakdown you either choose to: a) not do it or b) pull an all-nighter. It’s the next day and your friends are laughing at you as you drool in class. But you don’t care, you finally got that homework done and don’t have to stress about it. Whenever you get to class and the first thing the teacher says is to take out your homework to turn it in, and that’s when you realized you’re screwed. So you have to make up an excuse as to why you didn’t do it. Or right before class, when your friends ask you if you did it, now you’re wishing for a miracle; either that the teacher forgets to collect it or for a substitute. Oh, you didn’t expect for someone to actually do their homework on time. But believe me, there are students who do their homework. What a usual routine of an average student looks like: “Maybe, after school, I’ll watch couple of episodes of an anime. Then I set myself up on the kitchen table and get to work. Basically, until I’m done,” says Joshua Hernandez(12). Junior Krissia Alvarado claims, “I usually do my homework and I don’t procrastinate,” avoiding stress and dodging all those bullets.