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Disorder on Valley Boulevard

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Disorder on Valley Boulevard

Ruby Andujo, Journalist

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If you live around this area, you probably already know how irritating it can be. Traffic, day in and day out, with the accompanied noises and constant detours as well. This new construction just keeps getting worse as the train that runs along the boulevard has continued to run at full steam.

The construction on Valley and Puente, proposed to eliminate traffic-related hassles, has been the bane of some locals since it began.

There is an ongoing construction project on the intersection of Valley Boulevard at Puente Avenue in the City of Industry in which they are building a separate roadway and constructing a new bridge. Because of the construction, Puente Avenue has been closed for 36 months and still has had only a few detours and cut-offs since then. Those who live in the immediate area are not happy about the inconveniences of the ongoing contruction. “I feel like it’s a disturbance in the mornings and it has caused me trouble in how now I have to walk all the way down [Valley Boulevard] towards Vineland Ave. It’s frustrating.” says senior Lola De La Torre.

“I feel like it’s a disturbance in the mornings…” – Lola De La Torre (12)

The project was developed by the Alamada-Corridor East (ACE) Construction Authority in hopes that the project will help reduce traffic congestion by an estimated 13 vehicle-hours of delay on Valley Blvd. each day. ACE also hopes that the bridge and seperate roadway will eliminate delays for emergency responders and crossing collisions. The ACE Construction Authority is a construction authority established to increase effeciency at over 70 miles of railroad in the San Gabriel Valley. Their projects are expected to relieve traffic congestion, improve safety and reduce emissions and noise at all railroad crossings to help “ensure the San Gabriel Valley’s continued economic vitality,” according to their website. The construction that began in June 2015 was expected to conclude on the last day of 2017, but has now been scheduled to end in the summer of 2018. In spite of the change of schedule, it now looks like the developers back on track to meet their deadline.

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Disorder on Valley Boulevard