Do’s & Dont’s: styling overalls


Valarie Ramos, Staff Writer

Before, overalls were dorky and hard to rock. Now everyone’s wearing them and they look great. Here are some do’s and dont’s on styling your overalls. If you’re not going to the beach or Coachella don’t wear them by themselves. Wear overalls with a shirt under, it could be a T-shirt or blouse. You can wear overalls for any type of weather because they work with any. There are different colors and different materials of overalls, like denim, denim black, white, and a lot of light denim. Overalls go with boots, sandals, sneakers, and converse. There are some overalls that go with heels. You can also fold the bottom of them just like you do for any jeans you wear. You can try letting one side of the buckles loose just to give it a different look. Overalls can really go with anything. Wrap a flannel on and see how that goes. The best place to buy overalls would be Forever 21 because they’re not that expensive there but there’s also H&M or Cotton On, there’s a variety of places to get them. “ Before I used to think overalls were old fashioned” but she now knows that there are different ways to style overalls and there are different styles o f overalls which makes them now new fashioned.” Destiny Arcineiga says. She insists though that coverall wearers must “always wear a shirt under” Senior Brenda Martinez says “ the best way to wear overalls would be a dark denim skirt overalls because they’re very classy and feminine, striped shirt with some booties or sneakers.” Martinez believes that “everybody can rock them (overalls) but it’s the way you style them.” Coveralls are so stylish because you can almost wear them to any occasion and you’ll look great. I like to say overalls are jeans just more fun. There are also different kinds of overalls to, like some with skirts or shorts. They’re very cute and I think anybody can rock them. Boys can also wear them and I also think they can pull them off, well not as good as girl but they look good. Just like girls, boys should wear overalls with a shirt, any kind of shirt. It’ll also look good with wearing a hoodie under for the cold weather. They look best with one side of the buckles loose. For shoes they look best with some kind of vans but you can try wearing them with sneaker or if you you’re into boots, you can wear boots.