Dreams Come True at Homecoming


Stephanie Lopez, Opinion Copy Editor/Staff Writer

Once upon a time ASB hosted a rally, festival and dance on the same day. This year the seniors had the movie The Little Mermaid, the juniors had Tangled, the sophomores had Aladdin, and the freshmen had Cinderella. The hallways were a dream come true, each one focused on transporting students into a fairytale. The rally was not as magical as the rest of the day. Technical difficulties, prevented ASB from the use of the speakers in the gym. The whole student body worked together to quickly find solutions, allowing the rally to continue. “The rally should have been the best but the sound system.” -Janeli Soto (11). The rally was followed by a festival, clubs were able to fundraise and students were given the chance to choose from a variety of food and drinks. Later that night, the football team won their first game of the season, bringing the crowd to their feet causing Olympians to have extra pep in their steps. The football game was scheduled to begin at 6 pm, an hour earlier than usual. The court was announced during halftime of the football game. Prince Miguel Bravo, Princess Jennifer Curiel, Duke Nicholas Reyes, Dutchess Melissa Meza, Lady Alyssa Lopez, Lord Joseph Miranda. The dance began immediately after the football game, it started off with very few people dancing. “Homecoming was great but the music was eh.” – Breanna Zambrano (10) Most of the student body agrees that the music could have been better but the crowd did the best they could to make the most out of homecoming. The queen and king were announced at the dance. The king was Tony Alvarado and the queen was Yamile Rios. The winners slow danced to the song “Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran. The night ended with everyone dancing and enjoying the last hour of their magical homecoming. “When I was younger I always thought that winning Homecoming king was one of the greatest accomplishments, or at least that’s how Disney movies made it seem. So I’ve accomplished something I had as a goal since I was a kid. So now I can say I’m your male Windy Woo, Homecoming warrior.” -Tony Alvarado (12)