Football Keeps Hopes High

Jose Acosta, Staff Writer

Coming off of a 1-9 season last year and losing a large majority of the starters last year, the season wasn’t seeming too great for the football team. There were many setbacks challenging the team including the fact that they were very short in numbers and did not have many freshmen joining the sport. Many of the senior players expressed a feeling of individualism amongst the players. “We have the potential to improve drastically if our chemistry were stronger because as of now it feels like a bunch of individuals rather than a whole.” -Marc Munoz (12) Going into their first game with this mindset was bad enough, but to add insult to injury yet another incident came along. Coach Long told the team right before the game that he was threating to leave; however, with this on their mind they went into their first game losing to the Savanna Rebels 48- 22. The following week the team had a game against Azusa. At this game, many players were injured as Azusa players were spear tackling (Helmet to stomach/ribs) and reportedly being verbally aggressive to get into the heads of the Olympian players. With the injuries piling up, the Olympians lost 68-27. The game resulted in 13 injured players including 9 starters. The next week was not a very good one for the Olympians. Many of the players were still injured and did not want to be injured further. “I didn’t want to take any chances, so I could be good to go for the homecoming game.” -Chris Rodriguez (12) The backup players had to try their best to go up against a varsity team but in the end lost to the Azusa Aztecs 42-6. Through all this, the team did not give up, they had hopes high for the homecoming game. The Olympians were determined to not lose this game. They played a close game and in the end won 18-13 thanks to a surprising fumble recovery that lead to an Olympian touchdown. The Olympians kept their momentum going by winning the following game against Sierra Vista. In doing this the Olympians kept their hopes alive. The team uses doubters as inspiration, “Everyone that doubts us just pushes us more and makes us grow closer together as a team,” said senior Dru Thompson.