Get Your Kicks at Night Market 626

Ariel Mora, Journalist

 Hungry? 626 Night Market is for the foodies who must try everything that is new and trending. A place to come hang out with friends, have a fun time, and eat a variety of foods from dog poop-shaped cotton candy to ice cream tacos. The 626 Night Market not only has food, but they also have drinks, merchandise, games and arts, which are always fun for a family to enjoy.
The iconic “Instagrammable” foods go viral on social media hence the long lines and crowds. It is suggested that people go at an earlier time to beat the crowds and get in line for the good food booths.
        “The variety of fusion foods there are between American foods and Asian cuisine makes me feel like it is an actual authentic dish,”
 – Aphiratanachai Buakham (11)
        The market is full of so many different types of food and some that is recommended would be a mixture of Japanese food and food from the United States. Some examples would be the reinvented dishes from two different cultures: the burger and ramen. Put it together and it ultimately makes the Ramen Burger.
Unfortunately as a seasonal summer event, the night market has ended. As for the many people who want to attend and experience the hype, there are alternatives to some of the offered foods. These alternatives can be found at plazas located all over Southern California such as the Hong Kong Plaza in West Covina. Depending to what plaza you go to, Boba drinks and other Asian cuisines can be found for your satisfaction.