Imminent War


Ricardo Lira, Staff Writer

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have been attempting to impress their own countries by threatening one another. The world either has become concerned or has dismissed these actions as just another meme maker. However, with two crazed leaders, armed with nuclear and chemical weapons, there is still possibility of a war between the two countries. Mayhem and chaos are becomingmore frequent in the United States every day. Should we, as average teenage Americans, ignore North Korea altogether? Some are comfortable with North Korea. One of those people is senior, Sebastian Acosta who says, However, some have an even more raised level of North Korea as their inter-continental missiles have now flown over Japan, evacuating millions of Japanese from their homes in fear of an attack. With the capabilities of Korean missiles reaching Guam, many have speculated that they will attack. “All options are on the table.” That is what Donald Trump said when addressing the missiles flowing overhead the island of Japan. Donald Trump with his narrow-mindedness toward North Korea has aggravated the situation with the United States Navy being ordered into the Korean peninsula. Thus, escalating the situation between countries at risk with missiles. With Japan becoming a more likely target for North Korea it has been brought to the attention of the UN that immediate action needs to be taken to insure peace among nations. For reasons besides global we need to be focusing on what is important here on US soil. Unless American lives are at stake, we need to avoid any foreign entanglements and focus on the crises occurring at home. With no focus on the clashes between citizens at home there will be no end to senseless violence here at home and abroad