Snapchat Stalkers


Ashley Perez

Late June, Snapchat introduced us to a new feature called “Snapmap” which is a way to find out where your friends are at anytime. Since its release many people have made memes about it whether they think Snapmap is funny or just straight up creepy. Adults have been warned to be more aware of their teens who use Snapchat, since you can be found anywhere at anytime with this feature. Some teens admit they find this really weird to have your Snapchat friends know exactly where you are. “I think it’s weird because it shows exactly when you are driving and shopping”-Joshua Alvarez(9) While some find this feature creepy, others see it as an opportunity to catch their friends going out without them or their boy/ girlfriend going out with someone else. Sometimes they can be mistaken because when two people are near each other it shows as if they are hanging out even if they are not. “I think Snapmap is a good idea because you can spy on your boo.”-Stephanie Diaz(12) Since its release many question its safety. Many teens were recommended to use “ghost mode” which is a way to remove yourself from the map completely so none of their friends on Snapchat can possibly stalk them. Though some teens find it pointless since they have only close friends or classmates on Snapchat and trust them. Also users have the option to just remove certain people if you don’t want some Snapchat friends to find out where you are at. Is Snapchat’s new feature really dangerous? If you use Snapchat right, there is really no problem or anything to worry about. Just be careful and you’ll be fine.