Super Small Scores Likes

Janet Gutierrez, Staff Writer

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Mini cooking also known as Kawaii cooking has hit a hot spot on YouTube. With micro pans, tweezers and votive candles, this precise hobby is light years away from the old school Easy Bake Oven. “I’d get mad or rage if I mess up the food, but it be very fun to try doing this and see how cool this hobby is to other people. I have to say that other people should try mini cooking for themselves.” -Aaron Villanueva (9) One of the most impressive examples of mini cooking is on tastemade where classics like macaroni & cheese, pancakes, pies and even Happy Meals are recreated in mini. Most viewers don’t feel the need to try the trend themselves as few like Villanueva have the patience for the delicate movements needed to execute these mini masterpieces. These small servings have fondled the taste buds of food lovers all around the internet and has started a trend of mini foods in the American regions of the world. Channels such as “Walking With Giants,” kawaiisweetworld, and Tastemade has adopted this adorable cooking style and have made it known in our region. Though these videos are cute, this may just be another trend on the internet and can soon be replaced by another popular trend correlating to food in one way or another, but in the end food is food and who doesn’t love food? Seek supplies to do it yourself online at amazon or find Japanese exports at Daiso.