Tennis Starts With Love


Stephanie Lopez, Staff Writer

Team captain Melissa Rojas (11) is doing her best to restore order on the court. The tennis team was unable to practice during the summer due to the lack of a coach. “I was bummed out that I couldn’t coach this year.” says the coach from last year, Coach Aaron Armas. The new coach, Danielle Broshak, is an experienced tennis player, bringing new techniques to help the team improve on their serves and overall game. The rest of the coaching staff are actually experienced players and will be able to help us develop as players,” says junior Lyian Aquino, a returning player. Aquino is referring to last years coach Armas, who has a background in soccer and cross country. Armas focused on endurance, while Broshak focuses on technique. The girls are confident that with the help of the new coaching staff they will be able to improve their scores. “I feel that we will be able to do better than last year” says sophomore Angelica Whisnat. Their first preseason match ended after only a few minutes of playing due to the unbearably hot weather. The girls were willing to take the defeat to ensure the health of all the tennis girls would be preserved. The girls are keeping their Olympian pride strong in hopes of winning a game. Many of the girls have won their individual games but have failed as a complete team.