The Fight to Earn Your Fast Food Dollars


Bethany Ruiz, Staff Writer

Downloadable app, delivery time takes as long as 15-55 minutes, easy menu selection, ASAP or scheduled order option, easy and quick account setup, exact locations of restaurants, gives the time of opening and closing. Creating an UberEATS account can also double as a regular Uber account. Downloadable app, wide food selection, ASAP or scheduled delivery option, quick account setup and “Give a friend $5 and get $5 after they order” offer. Downloadable app, limited food selection based on location, doesn’t list an exact price when checking out until after credit card information is inputted, so it lists the estimated subtotal, total, tax & delivery fees as “TBD” (to be determined). Also has 24/7 food delivery. The future of fast food has finally arrived, literally. Here’s the rundown of the three majorly used food delivery sites and which one is the best to use; Junior Melanie Gonzalez who has used UberEATS and highly recommends it as she said, “Overall I’d give it an 8 out of 10, I liked all of the variety and food options”. You’ll have to hold off on ordering at school due to school policies. Stated in students Olympian agendas is a specific section labeled “Deliveries and interruptions policy” which states “Food deliveries to campus for students are prohibited”. Ms. McDonald confirmed this as she stated “We don’t allow student to order food to the campus, because we have food that is federally promoted at the school, that’s paid for by federal money to provide for students in the free and reduced lunch program. Delivered food could upset the program and it’s possible that we would lose money if we had other food being delivered on campus”. Overall UberEATS and DoorDash were tied with fast delivery time and a wide and easy selection, Postmates had a limited food selection and complicated checkout, and all three have prices that vary due to tips and fees, and feel free to check out and use these sites at your own risk