These Eats Are Flamin’ Hot

Aphiratanachai Buakham, Staff Writer

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Throughout these last few years people have found new ways to enjoy a world classic snack, Hot Cheetos. Most people probably heard of Hot Cheetos Elote which is basically crushed hot cheetos turned into a powder form and then added onto elotes which are corn. A lot of people have waited in line for this street food, but it is a really simple recipe that you can do at home. First off you boil the corn until it is cooked thoroughly. The next step is to mix mayo, crema, minced garlic together and use a spatula to spread it evenly on the corn. After that open a bag of hot cheetos and crush them into a fine powder, lay it onto a plate, and roll your elote over them. You can even add other ingredients such as lime to make the elote even tastier. People do many other crazy things with hot cheetos as well, such as crushing them in scrambled eggs, cream cheese bagel with hot cheetos crush or non-crushed works well, Cheetos omelette with some vegetables, cheese, and a choice of meat, or even a stuffed Krispy Kreme doughnut. For lunch or a substitute for a snack you can try Flamin’ Hot Cheetos as a sandwich ingredient to have that spicy flavor and nice crunch, or even a grilled Cheetos sandwich. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or any other Cheetos flavor goes really well as a topping on pizza, or you can even substitute chili cheese fries with them. If you love tostilocos or macaroni and cheese, you’ll surely enjoy adding Hot Cheetos to them. Craving a heavy cheese dish? Or even some chicken tenders? Using cheetos as a batter or coating to chicken tenders or even cheese sticks give them a nice crispy texture.